Nappies - Number 1 For Nappies

Parents want the best for their children. This isn't just about mental and physical well being but also social well being. To achieve this we must pass on a healthy environment. One way of helping make sure that our children have a green future is by using modern cotton nappies, which can work out cheaper than disposables.

Did you know...

  • Disposable nappies make up to 50% of waste for a family with one child.

  • Nappy waste may contain up to 100 viruses, such as polio, which remain active for up to 2 weeks after disposal.

  • A typical authority spends over 10,000 a year to dispose of nappy waste - this money is added to your tax bill.

  • Some parts of disposable nappies never breakdown. This means that the nappies you throw away could still be around when your great, great, great grandchild are born.

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