Number 1 for Nappies - The Service


We provide a once a week service, (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday depending on where you live).
Our drivers deliver clean , washed cotton nappies to our customers and take away their soiled one's from the previous week. We have the nappies laundered following Department of Health Guidelines for the treatment of soiled linen. This means that they are washed to heat sterilization standards. We are members of NANS, (National Association of Nappy Services), which is the industry's regulatory body.


We deliver a pre-agreed number of nappies to you to cover your needs for the week; usually 50 small size for newborn babies, 30-40 regular size for babies of about 12lbs upwards, and gradually decreasing quantities as suitable. We also have some special thick nappies for nighttime use, booster pads for extra absorbency at night, and toddler-size nappies for you to try should you wish, when appropriate for your baby. Shaped newborn baby nappies which require no folding are also available, and many people find them useful for the first two or three weeks. Terries are also available for those who prefer them, or for those who have leakage problems initially.


The outer wraps are cotton or cotton mix on the outside and polyurethane inside for waterproofing. They are shaped like a disposable nappy, with elasticated leg-holes and tabs at both sides, which fasten with velcro, to fit the baby snugly. We provide wraps for newborn (5-11lbs) which you return after use. You then have to buy the larger sizes we recommend that you buy the outer wrap when you start, as the wraps we lend are second hand and we cannot guarantee that they will not leak..
When putting on the nappy, you fold the cotton rectangle into a pad ( we will demonstrate this). Place it on top of a wrap, add a nappy liner then put it on your baby. The outer wraps come in six different sizes from newborn to toddler. The wraps are 7.00 each, but if you buy more than 5 at once we'll give you one free. These can also be hired at a cost of 2.00 a week for 6.


When you start using the service we provide you with a nappy bin. We have different sizes to suit your needs. Each week we deliver the nappies in a photodegradable bin sack, which you then use inside your nappy bin. Generally there are no lingering smells. Should you encounter a problem de-odourizers can be purchased. You will find tha attachment for thes inside the lid. The nappy bin remains the property of Number One for Nappies and must be returned in the condition it was given to you or you will be charged for the damaged bin.


We also supply you with biodegradable, flushable nappy liners. These are made to protect both the nappy and your baby's skin, and contain the worst of the business! We do insist you use liners in our nappies. They come in rolls of 100 for 2.50. After our initial visit, there is no need for you to be in when we next call to deliver and collect - just let us know where you will leave the sack of dirty nappies and we will pick tem up and leave the bag of clean ones in their place.


There is a minimum period of 4 weeks service. On our first visit (which is after you have had the baby as our nappies go by weight, and we need the correct weight of your baby to ensure that the nappy is a snug fit. If you decide to use the service, you pay a fee of 71.00 (on the first visit). This is for 4 weeks service, 200 Nappy liners, 4 weeks wrap hire, a registration fee, and is non-refundable. The only thing we insist on is that all soiling's are removed from the nappy when it is removed. All liners we provide are safe to flush down your toilet.

The charge for the service is 9.50 per week for up to 50 nappies (or enough for one child). Payments are paid four weeks in advance, by cash, cheque or standing order.

We ask that you understand that the price given is for a weekly service and that we must charge you for all weeks for which we provide a service. If you are away and do not have any collections or deliveries, then you will not be charged for that week (otherwies the wekly charge applies). Once you have established how many nappies you need a week, let us know. If you still have un-used nappies left on your delivery day then please leave them outside with your dirties (in a seperate bag please). This is so that you avoid stockpiling nappies and helps us to keep our prices at an affordable rate for all our customers to enjoy.

Weekly Service 9.50 per child. 14.00 for two children)
Wraps: 7.00 each (there are six sizes available) or you can hire 6 for 2.00 a week
Liners: 2.50 a roll and are biodegradable.
Registration fee: 20.00

Note: Prices subject to change